Have you ever felt the need to spend every moment in a perfect way? i dont know about you but i surely have felt that. i think we humans are just afraid that the story of our life may not even worth a tell but honestly the story is about us and if we are not confident about our very own story, then well my people, we are screwed. after some decades, when i would be sitting in a brown rocking chair and thinking about this wonderful story of my life, i would regret overthinking every moment instead of enjoying it, giving it my best. I would regret being afraid of making this life perfect and realising the fact that every moment could have been special if not perfect and if i was not busy in making my life “perfect”. I think we find the “perfect”in our imperfectness and yet we tend to ignore that. But we still have time before this occurs right?

Kasak Jain


Editor:- Gautam Jha

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