Story of my Life

I don’t know why but one day it stopped hurting me anymore..
The pain i was afraid of wasn’t there anymore..
The heart was cold..
This feeling was old..
The soul was lost..
Love was there but high was the cost..
I showed that i didn’t care..
Nor did i share..
The things that made me bleed..
The people who left in need..
Forever is what they promised
But promises soon break..
No matter how much I loved
For granted is what they take..
I became stronger than i ever was
Thousands were the reasons
love was the only cost
But still
Every night memories came haunting..
Words came taunting..
I kept escaping from love
But i failed
I still believed in love
The one i gladly did..
Tears blurred my vision
The one i sadly hid..
Life didn’t end but was i really living?
Now i loved myself more but was i really Loving??

Rishikesh Sonawane


Editor:- Gautam Jha

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