One more mile

One more mile

Flipped the key on.
And turned the scooter up,
I began my night ride.
With purposely no purpose
Not of my mom’s but of moonlight’s.
With my headphones on,
And volume up,
I moved with calm air
And softening scent.
Fingers’ tips had the piano
Over the brakes,
And lips over the lyrics.
Distance was covered
But destiny yet to be.
To reach the tip of headlight,
I took one more mile.
Even my social shadow slept,
And the spirit was out.
Those gold lighthouse streetlights
Aided me with the hints
To take one more mile.
And then songs got interrupted,
With the ringtone.
As it said,
“Its too late. Come home fast
And don’t pass the crossroads”
Those brakes came in handy,
And U-turn had sad expression.
And I got to know that
One more mile was back to home.

Dheeraj Thareja


Editor:- Gautam Jha

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