What are we afraid of  ?

Surely it’s not the fear of failure, the fear of disgrace

It’s the fear of results, insults and maintaining the pace.

It’s the fear of disappointment at the things we worked or the cause

We fear the silence and that unwanted pause

We fear the queries, and the what if’s

We fear throwing ourselves from the high cliffs,

We fear the hopes annointed at our birth

We fear competing the friends for jobs and not the dearth,  

What keeps feeding these fears ?

The reasons are many, all of them haunt,

Ranging from parents discussion and the taunt.

It’s expectation, reality and comparison.

It’s the time, faith, and conclusion.

It’s the friend’s attempt at falling or rising,

It’s the huge sum paid for the talent mining.

It’s those roadside banners of victory, staring at us all

It’s losing the dearest friends, and their unreceived calls.

– Sumit kumar


Editor:-Gautam Jha

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  1. Ravi raj says:

    Nice one brother…


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