Time moving by!

Time moving by, flowing through the immense universe, while you sit by and watch it happen, and the real plays by. The mankind exhausting all its efforts into shuffling its way in an desperate attempt, to set order to this chaotic world. All you have are moments, hints of surrealism that drives you to breathe, to live through one more day. That hint of selflessness which you experience in his gentle touch, as he cups your face in his humble hands without flinching once, that drives you to take a chance and put your defenseless heart on the line again. That kiss where his luscious lips wraps yours in a confession of silent love, which we both are aware is not ours to keep, so we steal little pieces out of the universe’s infinity. For these, are here to stay, in our little captured frames of comfort, as time passes us by. It only took me a fraction of second to understand the worth of time.

Ayushi Tayal


Editor:-Gautam Jha

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