Midnight dreams

The night stood contrasting with its inflorescence
As the little lilies bloomed with its essence.
She set agan agan with her sword in hand
And a mind to apprehend

Her contemplations went higher than mountains
With her hurdles standing right with complaints,
Although, the stars and the moon shone bright that night
She went on pouring herself into the pages shallow deep
She went on, on writing awake with her midnight dreams alive
With an aspiration to change, change for a change

The soul of her ink witnessed her light within.
But, she was lone in her dimension
There were no hands to apprehend her
No mouths to speak her writings

Years aftr it caught a rich eye
And now all sees her light within
Her work deserved an honour right
There were contented hands applauding her sight

But blue was her terminus
She layed deaf to hear her applaus
And blind to see her crowed around
She was dressed in white
Beneath the soils, under the skies

Moupia Nath

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