Season Of Romance

The first thing which flourishes in anyone’s mind after reading this title is that the only season which belongs to romance is the rainy season. When it comes to rain, we often starts imagining love and romance.

Before we met, I have no idea that one day the season which irritates me the most becomes, can’t say favorite, but yeah, now it’s relaxing.

One day, after our wedding rituals were over, we both looked awkwardly to each other. Since it was an arranged marriage, I felt like now what? What is going to happen next? Do we just sit and talk or he will sleep without uttering a word? That silent room has already started killing me.

I was just tired and trying to get out of those heavy jewelleries. He was sitting on the bed, I didn’t knew if he was waiting for me or was just embarrassed. I was tensed completely that I could feel my breath being heavier. Although after several tries, I couldn’t managed to break that silence. I got up from my dressing table and stood infront of the window to have some fresh air.

It’s the mid of July and the weather seemed like it would rain anytime. As I told earlier, I had no excitement regarding rains or watching it. The moon hid itself under the clouds. The night got darker. The strong wind started pushing the curtains of the window all over me. My hairs started irritating my face. I was like “shut the window, girl” . Why are you even standing here when you can’t tolerate this weather? But I was wondering what will I do next if I closes the window? Should I start using my phone? No, maybe he would think that I’m avoiding him. Then what?

Thinking all this I finally decided to shut the window. In between all those thoughts I heard my name. Did someone called me? Is he my husband? Or someone else came into my room? I turned around. No one was there except us. Did he just called me? Ohh, thank God. Atleast that silence would break now. I looked at him and said yeah, what happened? I managed not to look nervous in front of him.

He got up from that silly bed and started walking towards me. I was clueless. What is he up to? Well, he came to me and said, “don’t close it, it’s raining and its my favorite season. Let’s watch it together.”
What? What did he said? Watch it together? Like seriously? What is exciting about watching the rain? I thought that rains can only irritate someone from it’s annoying sound of drops.

However, we were watching it together the next moment. He took some drop of rains on his hand and spread it all over my face. It was the first time I felt those drops. They have magic. Then he left the room without saying anything and came back with a cup of coffee in his hands. After giving it to me, he held my hands and hugged me from back. I had never felt that way. It was like heaven in his arms. I didn’t found any other need. He kissed my cheeks holding me the same way. The rain got heavier that it’s drops started coming inside and I was enjoying it like never before. I somehow managed to hold my feelings and smiled at him seeing him happy as well as complete at the same time.

Author – Radha Jha

Article – Season of Romance

Published by – Split Poetry India

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