Fix crowns to become queens!

Do we ever compare the taj mahal to the hawa mahal?
Do we ever compare the Angel falls to the Niagara Falls?
Do we ever compare the burj khalifa to the Eiffel Tower?
No right. The reason being that even if both are mahals or towers or falls, each of them is an epitome of beauty in its own unique way. Yes the mahals and towers have a different structure but what about the falls? Aren’t they both long streams of water flowing down cliffs? Even then we don’t compare them. We simply appreciate them because we know that they both are exquisite. We seem to admire two things/places no matter their structure or whatever might be common.
Then why do we girls who have the same organs compare ourselves to each other according to our level of beauty/intelligence, our colour/caste, our backgrounds/mindset, or on many other aspects? We all our girls and every girl is like a bird – gorgeous, unique, born to fly, different in their own way & meant to stand out in a crowd.We all have a common superpower: we are girls.Though its seen that we don’t admire ourselves but compare ourself to one other either to feel superior or to make the other feel inferior. We don’t cherish & inspire each other. No, we do quite the opposite because we feel insecure of ourselves and get jealous if someone who is exactly like us gets more attention.
We believe that if we put others down, we will feel better of ourselves and then people will like us if we just be like someone else. Its about time we girls start to overcome our insecurities and jealousy and start accepting the very true fact that we are indeed beautiful in our own little ways and fix each others crowns to become queens together. We are like butterflies – beautiful and unique and once we start realising this very truth, we will become stronger and unbeatable and together if we can motivate the future female youth to always be ourselves no matter what anyone says and help each other grow.
So I only want to tell all the girls out there – be you, fix each other’s crowns, you are beautiful and whoever says otherwise…

Just give them a piece of their mind or just ignore them. Be proud and be unique together.

Author – Priyoshi Kundu

Article – Fix crowns to become queens!

Published by – Split Poetry India

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